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UC Berkeley

BA in Computer Science

Class of 2020

GPA: 4.00

Dean's Honor


CS 61APython Programming
CS 70Discrete Mathematics
CS 61BData Structures
Math 54Linear Algebra

= ongoing



C/C++, Python, Java, C#, VB.NET


HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL

Platforms & Tools

Windows, Linux, OpenCV, PCL, Git, Scikit-learn, Django


Undergraduate Research Assistant, Center for Augmented Cognition


  • Performing graduate-level computer vision research under Dr. Allen Y. Yang to assemble a universal solution enabling human-computer interaction in augmented reality.
  • #1 contributor (by lines and commits) to OpenARK, the Center for Augmented Cognition's open-source augmented reality SDK.
    Project page: https://github.com/augcog/OpenARK.
    Demo: https://vimeo.com/251436256
  • Improved accuracy of OpenARK's fingertip tracking algorithm from 80% (worst case 20%) to consistently above 95%.


Bronze Medalist, Canadian Computing Olympiad

  • National finalist in Canada's top programming competition for high school students. First place in Western Canada region.

Platinum Division, USA Computing Olympiad

  • Competed in USACO's highest division as an international contestant.

First Place, Startup Weekend Vancouver

  • Built music-to-notation transcription program over three days at Google-sponsored Startup Weekend Vancouver. Awarded first place by a panel of judges consisting of local startup owners.

Personal Projects


  • Python-based web app that enables language teachers to create and share online vocabulary-related puzzles which students may then collaborate on in real time through the internet.


  • Efficient and parallelized system for running a class contest in Computer Science 61A, the introductory programming course at Berkeley. Shortens the evaluation time of the contest from a week to one and a half minutes.


  • Write-mode calculator web app for use by AP chemistry students at my high school. Has powerful built-in significant figure tracking and includes an advanced LaTeX math expression evaluator.