Programming Contests

I am a decently good competitive programmer and have been involved in Berkeley's ACM ICPC teams. Recently, however, I have become inactive as I decided to focus on research.

  • I was a member of the Berkeley Blue team in 2020 (North American Championship) and was also part of the Berkeley Radicals team last year.
  • I was invited Canadian Computing Olympiad (CCO) as one of the top finishers in CCC sometime in high school. I was also in the platinum division of USACO.
  • My Codeforces handle is Doriath and I am in division 1 (barely orange).

Miscellaneous Contests

  • I won the CS 61A Hog Contest in Fall 2017
  • I won the Fall 2018 CS 170 Final Competition
  • I placed first at Startup Weekend Vancouver 2016, along with two team members.


These days I don't have any real hobbies, except playing Age of Empires II sometimes. I used to play the flute and organize stargazing events in high school.